Relevant Coursework

Archives Management/Museum Studies


Graduate (More coming soon)


MLIS – Master of Library and Information Science

Approved by the ALA, the coursework will prepare me with the skills needed to collect, organize, and preserve information, artifacts, and assets. In addition, I am learning skills to manage digital projects and archives..



Introduction to Historical Skills

Foundational skills in historical research and writing. Skills from the research perspective using the databases, collections, primary and secondary sources, journals, microfilm and microform of libraries and archives. Interpretation and analyzation of resources. Skills to create research trails and bibliographies for future researchers.

Art Gallery Management

Art installation and gallery management. Collections selection and art display. Historical and philosophical considerations of museums, galleries, exhibitions and artifacts. Catalogue writing skills.

History/Art History/Literature

Asian Art
Art of China
Asian Art and Mythology
Chinese Civilization
Survey of Chinese Literature
Modern Japan, 1800-Present
Early Medieval Europe
Baroque and Rococo Art
American Art
Contemporary Art