About Me


Born in California, I moved to Charles City, Virginia at age 4. Most of my father’s family is from there, and if you are familiar with Charles City, it is where founding father Benjamin Harrison and presidents William Henry Harrison and John Tyler were from. I grew up in Petersburg, another historic town—a famous landmark of the Civil War where many of the original buildings and battlefields still stand today. 10 years later, I moved to California, where I eventually majored in Art History (East Asian focus) at California State University, Sacramento.


After graduation, I visited Japan, and I enjoyed my time so much that after receiving a Master of Education degree, I moved to Osaka and taught for a few years from 2012. During my time there, being in Kansai which includes the ancient cities of Nara and Kyoto, I saw many historic buildings, temples, sculptures, paintings, and documents firsthand that until that time I had only seen in history books or journals.


In 2015, I returned to California inspired to change careers. After my experiences at the Sacramento Archives Crawl on National Archives Day and experience in a school library, I decided that information science was definitely the direction I wanted to go in.

Many artifacts and data, old and new, need care, and access is limited. There is a great need for collection and preservation of historical items and records (look at my hometown of Petersburg, VA as an example), and there will be a greater need in the future (I look at Japan with its declining population as an example). With a global mindset, I want to contribute to the digitization of records and collections and improve ease of access. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Library Science program at San Jose State University. As a former teacher, I realized the greatest gift I can give is living by example, so I want to also be a mentor to young people of color interested in collections, archives, and libraries.


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