Second Life Project A – Traditional Japanese Home

So, I am using Second Life for school. I will actually need it in a future class, and I used it to go to a VCARA meeting, but I actually used to use Second Life many years ago. I roleplayed as a part of the Versailles community. It was a huge project with serious RP. I was really into the Baroque and Rococo period at that time, and so the research for the RP was enjoyable for me. Unfortunately, it closed down. I know some fragmented rumored reasons why, but that’s not really important now.

This video shows a little bit of the original Versailles community on Second Life (2008):

Anyways, there seems to be a new Versailles RP community but it doesn’t seem very active in the moment. I would like to be a part of it but meanwhile, I decided on a little project for myself. Being that my other love is Japanese art, I decided I will do a project and learn to decorate a traditional Japanese home. The reason is that a lot of Japanese art is functional, and I hope it will help me learn and understand where these objects were/are traditionally used in daily life. When I lived in Japan, I think I only went to a traditional house one time. Most people live in apartments or modern suburban houses (at least in the city), so there aren’t many opportunities to visit an authentic traditional house unless you are there long enough I suppose.

So, this is a learning project, and I will use Second Life as my canvas. Please be patient with me while I make mistakes, but please share any helpful information that you have. I would like to do this as authentic as possible, within the limitations of Second Life. So let’s begin!


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