Self Introduction

I think I pretty much said all of this on the site, but there’s some extra information if you want to know:) This is my introduction from my INFO 200 class. I’m not sure how long student pages are kept up after graduation, but better be safe than sorry!

Hello, my name is Ariell Lomax. I currently reside in Sacramento, CA. Side note: I grew up in Virginia! I received my Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Art History, and so coming into this, I was interested in archives, records, academic libraries, and digital curation. However, I am currently leaning more towards academic libraries and digital curation/librarianship. I know that whatever I do will have a technology aspect to it because I am so excited about digitizing data and providing access to more people. I would love to work in an academic art history library or an art library in a museum, or even in collections.

Let me tell you a little more about me. I speak Japanese, and because I lived in Osaka for a few years, I speak Kansai-ben (Osakan colloquial language) quite well too! I enjoy reading (what librarian doesn’t haha), karaoke, blogging, scrapbooking, and going to the spa, among other things. My interests are history, fashion, art history, and I love historical fiction as well (yes, including period films). My favorite art and history periods are Pre-Edo Art (I lumped them together because there’s so much I love!) of Japan, Song, Yuan, and Qing of China, the Baroque and Rococo period, and Early American (USA) art (and history) from Colonialism all the way to the 1920’s. I also enjoy WWII history as well!

I hope to put my knowledge and passion into use in this career, so I am very excited about the future. I am transitioning from the teaching career, and my mother and several family members were teachers as well, so knowledge, education, and information have always been very important to me. Helping supervisors with resource pulling and planning, I definitely have more of a knack for organizational and research aspects. Getting into information science will give me the venue I need to use and enhance my natural skills. Eventually I hope to get my PhD in Art History, and I think it would be fun to be a librarian or collections manager but also be a researcher as well. Most importantly, as an African-American woman, I want to be an inspiration to young aspiring African-American children, especially girls, and be a mentor that shows them, “Hey, I can do this too. I can follow my dreams despite what anyone says”:)


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